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More Than Worth The Weight: Dale Zawada

by ANA PEREZ • Mar 1, 2012

Humor, Competitiveness and Pure Intuition

There are no better words to describe Dale Zawada than humor and natural wit. Not only is he premiering his first feature length screenplay, Worth the Weight,” at the 2012 San Jose Cinequest film festival, but he also spends his free time doing stand-up comedy in Illinois.

Dale shared his thoughts about the film and reflected on what brought him to this point with TYTE Media.

Zawada has been blessed with natural talent in writing and humor. Screenwriting was not something Zawada studied four years at college. Instead, Zawada says,that “reading, research and practice,” along with natural talent are the tools he’s used to become the professional he is today.

Zawada first began his career seven years ago when he attempted to write a novel. Shortly after, he realized novels were not his forte and moved on to be successful with screenwriting. Since then, he has continued to write and kept a positive attitude about getting his screenplays purchased.

When asked what Zawada’s favorite moment in his career thus far has been he quickly responded, “the natural high days after selling the movie knowing that there will be a final product was incredible.” He is thrilled to have a film to share with the world and he will continue to write to experience that feeling again.

As for the future, Zawada plans on moving to Los Angeles, California to follow his passion for movies and stand-up comedy. He knows there is a niche market and he hopes to be the one to fill it.

“Worth the Weight,” which only took Zawada three months to write, encompasses love, competitiveness, and humor all packaged into one amazing film. Zawada was thrilled to say that the inspiration for this film was competitiveness. “Just how far people go to win will not only amaze people but it will humor them too.”

“Worth the Weight,” directed by Ryan Sage, will premiere at the San Jose Cinequest film festival on Friday March 2 at 9:45pm. Zawada has been patiently awaiting this day, saying he is extremely happy with the final product.

Additional screenings of Worth The Weight at Cinequest 22, on March 4 and March 7. For tickets, go to

You can view the trailer and the Craigslist ad that sparked the creation of Worth The Weight

Worth The Weight , 3/2/2012, 9:45 PM, San Jose Repertory Theatre

Worth The Weight , 3/4/2012, 4:00 PM, Camera 12

Worth The Weight , 3/7/2012, 11:45 AM, Camera 12

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