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Press Release for Student Success Center:


February 25, 2011

Contact: Dr. Greg Payne, PED

Public Information Specialist

Mobile: (408) 924-2904

CASA’s Student Success Center Open’s its Doors on March 10th


SAN JOSÉ, Calif. – March. 7, 2011 – San Jose State University’s College of Applied Sciences and Arts is proud to present the grand opening of its Student Success Center located on the fifth floor of McQuarry Hall. The grand opening will take place Thursday March, 10th from noon till 2pm.

Students from all majors now have access to peer mentoring and academic advising from a team of fully trained professionals who are ready to simplify the already complex college life.   This cozy center provides students space to practice presentations, do homework and study. The mission of this center is to help students with coursework, maintain good grades and ultimately graduate.

“Besides providing the advising, we have to make it a fun environment and make it an organization that supports students while being sustainable,” said Dr Kathy Sucher director of the new success center. “There will be peer mentors as well as both drop-in and scheduled advising too,” Sucher said.

Dr. Sucher, the director of the new success center, has over 30 years of experience in CASA. She has also served as an internship supervisor in addition to other non-teaching roles within the San Jose State University. According to Dr. Sucher, the center will focus on advising and providing students with support needed to excel in college and to reach graduation.

San José State University – College of Applied Sciences and Arts

The College of Applied Sciences and Arts is home to applied and professional disciplines serving dynamic societal needs and dedicated to promoting a healthy, ethical, and enlightened global community through innovative application of knowledge and scholarship.

San José State University is Silicon Valley’s largest institution of higher learning with 27,400 students and 3,190 employees and is part of the California State University system. SJSU’s 154-acre downtown campus anchors the nation’s tenth largest city.


Press Release for Pebble Beach:

For Immediate Release

February 7, 2011

Contact: Rich Larson

Public Information Specialist

Mobile: (409) 924-3186




SAN JOSE, Calif. (Feb. 7, 2011) – SJSU is proud to announce its partnership with the 2011 Pebble Beach National Pro-Am. Selected SJSU students will be able to gain special events planning experience through helping in various management positions during this years event.

The AT&T National Pro-Am is one of golf’s most celebrated and recognized events, known for attracting PGA’s top professionals and some of the most known golf celebrities. Students will be working directly with Pebble Beach representatives to plan, coordinate, and organize hospitality areas throughout the golf tournaments.

“Hosting VIP guests, interacting with guests and temporarily managing Pebble Beach employees are among the responsibilities the SJSU students will have. Students invited had to attend training to provide the best hospitality to a highly celebrated event,” said Rich Larson, director of San Jose State University’s department of Hospitality, Recreation, and Tourism Management.

The goal of the AT&T National Pro-Am is not only to provide a highly competitive and entertaining PGA event, but also raise money for philanthropic causes while providing students the ability to get hands on experience in real life event planning.

About HRTM:

San Jose State University’s department of Hospitality, Recreation, and Tourism Management is comprised of nine full-time faculty, 18 part-time lecturers and two administrative staff. Together they bring theoretical and practical skills to properly transition students from the classroom to their careers. Recognized for the campus community, professionalism, its dynamic faculty, and well prepared graduates, its mission is to facilitate the personal and professional learning of students through academic and career-focused experiences.

About PGA TOUR: 

The PGA TOUR is the world’s leading organization for professional golfers. Broadcast to almost 600 million household in 30 languages, its mission is to increase player financial benefits while exemplifying the integrity of the game and generate revenue for charities within their communities. Tours have thus far generated over $1 billion to over 2,000 countries in the world.  The AT&T National Pro-Am is one of the many charitable successes of the PGA TOUR and will be located on the SpyGlass Hill and Poppy Hills at Pebble Beach. The Monterey Bay Peninsula Foundation is one of the sponsors of the tournament and, to date, has generated over $85 million in donations to organizations and charities. As a result from previous year’s donations, this event ranks second among all PGA Tour events in the country.


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