Writing Samples

Writing is an important part of Public Relations and Analyst Relations. We must know how to research, write in a persuasive yet clear manner and know how to pitch it to the media or analysts in a favorable way. For this reason, I have included samples of my work from my webinar communication along with three important accounts that I have worked on during my DBH Agency experience. I have also included some of my freelance work as managing partner of Sparks PR Firm and TYTE Media.

ACE is one of the biggest and most important accounts we attained during the 2010-2011 school year. It was one of our highest paying clients along with the most rigorous and time consuming one. As for this account, my main role was to write the press releases and radio scripts.

As Account manager for National Woman’s Political Caucus I lead a team of three to conceptualize brochure format and designs, an organization powerpoint, created press releases for two main events, and designed flyers to highlight and promote brand awareness. The press kit we created was used throughout the organization in each individual chapter to create a concise message about the organization.

CASA, better known as college of Applied Sciences and Arts at San Jose State University was my third client. CASA is one of the biggest departments at SJSU therefore we covered various school events. From press conferences to press releases about grand openings, my job was to create awareness and get students and the media to our events.

These three accounts along with other smaller accounts gave me the full Dwight Bentel & Hall Agency experience.


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