About Me

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Hello my name is Ana Perez and I am a San Jose State University graduate with a     Bachelor of Science Degree in public relations. As far as my academics, I also minored in Legal studies and graduated Magna Cum Laude along with being on the dean’s List all four years of college.

In my professional experience, I have been fortunate to do Analyst Relations, promotions, communications, event planning and publicity ranging from radio to films to store openings. My forte is in pitching to businesses and organizations, writing press kits, communicating trends, promotions and building brand awareness.

My professional goal is to become a well established Hispanic communication specialist. I always dreamed of having a job where I can communicate with people, be myself, and work hard to establish myself in the industry. Every test I took in college and every experience I remember, played into the role of public relations/communications. Therefore I knew that it was my calling. Aside from my academics in the Mass Communications department, I minored in Legal Studies. I enjoyed Legal studies because it always questioned laws, statutes, and state requirements which I find extremely exciting. As a well rounded citizen we must know our rights and most importantly our fundamental constitutional rights, which of course comes from precedent of past cases. Knowing these cases and knowing your rights is extremely empowering.

The time I get to let loose and just be myself is of course through dance. Since I could remember, I always had a tune in my head. Dance has been my passion and my expression throughout life. Wether it be, merengue, salsa, Cumbia, Hip hop, Jazz  or Samba, I grew up to counts. AND .7. AND .8.  Dancing and law complete me but Public Relations/ communications is the essence of my education.


Why public relations is my life

Like I previously stated, public relations has always defined my character. I went into college ready to major in journalism and be on every television network as a news anchor. However, one teacher changed my life. He told me I could be an affluent writer, a persuasive speaker, an effective communicator and that with my characteristics I could “dominate the market.” I said well, “sign me up,” and I began the  four year public relations program that led to my professional goal.

After learning about PR through various courses and my one year in school agency experience I fell in love with it. The researching, the planning, the evaluation all comes natural. Four years later, I graduated at the top of my class and determined to keep learning because PR is an evolving career.